Our clients' success and satisfaction is the backbone of our business.  Here's what they have to say...

It had been 4 years since I last had a trainer or any sort of physical activity. Wanting to get back in shape, it was crucial for me to train under someone who was passionate about helping me, understood my dietary restrictions and motivated me to achieve my best.
I came across Fitsmith as I was passing through the area, gave them a call and met up with the owner Max. Soon thereafter, I signed up for their intro sessions through which I got a real good feel for the place.
I recently completed 2 months and what makes me look forward to coming here is the: (1) coaches: Max, Cam, Mo and Nat are all fantastic professionals to work with (2) pre-workout stretches and warm-ups (3) the coaches attention to the details: techniques, posture, pace (4) small group sizes (5) tailored workouts based on individual goals (6) use of technology.
— Nishant Soni
If you’ve been debating whether or not you should pay for a personal trainer - you should. Max is meticulous when it comes to teaching you how to work out properly to avoid injury and maximize results. He is skilled at working with people of all ages and fitness experience. You won’t find a better personal trainer.
— Anna Maddux
This is hand down the best gym I’ve ever been. Love the way the coaches encourage you to push harder and pay attention to your form. After working out with The Fitsmith I have realized why people say that working out or exercising is addicting.This is hand down the best gym I’ve ever been. Love the way the coaches encourage you to push harder and pay attention to your form. After working out with The Fitsmith I have realized why people say that working out or exercising is addicting.
— Akanksha Pandey
Such an amazing place to work out. The friendly environment from not only the trainers, but also the people working out right next to you, is so comforting and encouraging. You are not just another person walking into FitSmith. You are called by name and remembered if you have been in once or one hundred times. The personalized workouts really help you learn what the right workouts are for you and your body. Five stars is not enough to express how wonderful this gym is.
— Chelsea Scopelite
This is the best gym that I’ve been to. The coaches remember your name and customize your workouts. The coaching staff is always friendly. This gym focuses on total health, not just fat loss or gains. One of the best parts about this gym is that it doesn’t have an overwhelming number of clients, so you get to build relationships with other members. To be fair, this is a pricey gym, but you get what you pay for. I definitely recommend it.
— Kellen Stevens
The Fitsmith is a one-of-a-kind workout experience. Not only are you remembered by name, but your workouts are made exclusively for your body and fitness goals. TFS has a great team of trainers that hold you accountable to ensure that you make your fitness goals. I highly recommend it!
— Symone Charlton
Fantastic gym! The trainers Max, Matt, and Megan are all impressive in their knowledge and their dedication to seeing you improve. They give you a tailored workout program based on what you say you want to improve, and it is a hard, but satisfying, workout. Overall, a great gym with great trainers!
— Cameron Knox
The FitSmith is the BEST place to experience personal training.
Max is highly skilled and experienced, he learns about your body and your limits and tailors workout sessions and plans nutritious diet accordingly for each individual .
All the trainers make sure your workout technique is correct to avoid injuries and motivate you to finish the challenging workout. The Friendly and lively environment at TFS makes workout out sessions fun. Coah Cams singing and dancing are one of the best parts during sessions😄😆.

The best place where you can find trainers motivating you to get strength training and to reach your Body fitness goals.
— Divya Mokkala
Max and the crew is amazing. There are trainers and then there’s Max. He learns about your body and your limits and helps push them or fix what may be wrong. He has the training down to a science tailored to each person.
— Vrishank Jaiswal
I just joined this boutique gym and its awesome. The guys are knowledgeable and helpful. They are gentle yet persuasive and encourage you to push yourself if you are an older person who has never had personal training. I am so glad to have found you.
— Kiran Dhir
I’ve always wanted to try strength training but didn’t know where to begin and was scared I’d injure myself. Joining The Fitsmith has been a life changer! Max is extremely knowledgeable and creates a custom workout & mealplan for each of his clients based on his or her needs. I’m always impressed with how he can remember every little detail of my plan, it’s this kind of personal touch that sets The Fitsmith apart from your usual gym. At first I thought I’d casually work out 2x a week but now I’m hooked & working out 5x a week! For someone who’s prior exercising consisted of the occasional runs paired with a fad diet this is a huge change, all thanks to Max & his team of amazing trainers. Everyone is friendly, encouraging, & knowledgeable. It’s almost like a little family, every trainer takes the time to get to know you and your strengths & goals. I train with Cam most of the time & he always finds the best way to motivate me to improve my time or form... and his singing isn’t bad either! :) For those of you who are interested in joining and need some numbers to motivate you - in the first 6 weeks I was able to drop my body fat percentage down 4% & lost 3 inches from my waist. I finally feel confident that I am making a life long change & not a temporary one. I can’t wait to see the progress I’ll make after a year. Thanks to everyone at The Fitsmith for helping me work towards achieving my goals!
— Mary Ann Arias
A great place to enjoy your workout, get fit, and increase your energy. Plus, this is not some smelly, sweaty gym where the muscle men and women hang out all day. One hour for everyone. That’s all you need. I look forward to my workout each time!
— Cindy Hirsch
I’ve been working out here for over a month now, and I feel like I’ve seen better results in that month than I did in over a year on my own. Max will custom make a plan specific to your needs. I am very satisfied! Megan and Matt, the other trainers, are amazing as well!
— Sanam Acharya
I’ve been working out at The Fitsmith for around two months. My workouts are tailored to my needs and every single workout has helped push the boundaries that I set for myself. Over time my workout progress is evaluated and adjusted accordingly.
Additionally, the environment at The Fitsmith is very conducive to continuous progress. The trainers closely evaluate form and encourage me through some of the tougher workouts. It feels great to see positive results; the trainers at The Fitsmith acknowledge and appreciate that, and as a result I continue to look forward to every single workout session at The Fitsmith. Thanks Max and team!
— Varun Kutty
Max is awesome. Been looking for a smarter way to work out and he really delivers. Glad I joined.
— Rishi Patel