Discover Your Inner Warrior

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Reaching your fitness goals is much easier when you have an experienced coach guiding you and motivating you. And that’s where Coach Bernardo Costa can help. Bernardo is an IFBB professional bodybuilder who knows exactly what it takes to build strength, skills and discipline. 

Whether you’re brand new to lifting weights or simply want to take your cardio and strength training to the next level, Bernardo is your go-to. When you work with him, you’ll receive:

·      Personalized attention based on your current fitness levels and goals

·      One-on-one instruction on exercises to burn fat and build muscle

·      Nutrition advice tailored to your goals

·      Accountability to stay on track

·      Flexible scheduling options 

For a limited time, the cost for first-time clients is $65 per session for 5 sessions (must be used within 30 days). Please fill out the form below and he will set you up for a FREE consultation!

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